Monday, February 17, 2014

This Year's Goal

Each year I try to make it a "new years resolution" to try something new. This year is no different, but it took me a while to come up with this year's new "thing to do". I'm back and forth now between freaking out and being super excited because....
I'm training for a half marathon!

That's right. Me and the road for 13.1 miles. Yikes.
I used to LOVE running and played a lot of "running" sports in school. Then after having baby girl, I decided to run my first 5K to get into shape. I've run several since then, some alone, and a few with Hubby too! Those are fun, but I wanted more of a challenge.
So now, it's in the internet universe, in black and white. Now I HAVE to do it, or there will be a record of me backing out.  I have a fun race in mind, and am keeping my eyes on the calendar and my feet on the road until then.
Wish me luck!!

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