Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Organizing Girls' Accessories

How many of you have a pile of ribbons, bows, elastics, and hair clips laying around your bathroom??

You must have a little girl living in your house too!!

No matter what you do, there always seems to be hidden clips and bows under the furniture, in the bathroom floors, in the car, and everywhere else.

I needed some way to give baby girl a CLEAR place to put her hairbows, so she could help keep them organized. So far it's working pretty well.

I started by making somewhere for headbands to go.

Here's how to make your own headband AND bow holder!

Start with a large empty oatmeal container and some scrapbook or wrapping paper.

Cut a rectangle of your paper and tape it around the container. Trim it to make sure the lid will still fit.

The container creates secret storage for all of those bows that don't fit on a bow holder (like french clips)

LOTS of bows will fit in this thing, and the headbands will slide right on and stay in place.

Instead of elastics laying all over the counter tops, I took an empty spool of tulle ribbon (or a toiler paper roll would work) and covered it in the same paper. The great thing about the tulle roll is that it has a base to stand up. The elastics fit nicely and we can see what color to grab without digging through a pile.

For bows on alligator clips, a simple bow holder makes a great and useful decoration. Find a pretty letter at a craft store, attach a long ribbon to the bottom and hang it on the wall or on the door.

For those tiny little clippies and elastics, we have a small dollar store basket that stays next to the headband holder. It's a good catch-all for things that don't have another place.

It can be very difficult to get toddlers to keep up with anything, especially tiny little hair accessories, but these have worked out great for us while adding some color to baby girl's room.

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