Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Learning with Craftsy

Have you taken a Craftsy class yet?

I was given the opportunity to take a class of my choosing, and after pouring for what seemed like HOURS through all of the classes they have to offer...I decided that it was time to learn a new skill!

I decided to take a Beginners Knitting Class!

Online Knitting Class
I have never held knitting needles in my life, and don't know anyone who knits who could teach me, so this was the perfect opportunity.
The instructor was fun to watch and listen to, and made learning to knit very manageable!
The beauty of these online classes through Craftsy is one very important feature....
The REWIND button!
I must have watched the first few lessons 20 times trying to get my hands to do what they should have been doing. I've never taken a live class, but I'm sure the instructor would not show you 20 times how to do something.
It took me an embarrassing 2 weeks to knit a short little section of scarf, pausing, rewinding, pulling out stitches. BUT, after completing that section, and watching my videos a few more times, I did the second half of my scarf with confidence. It only took me a few hours!
This class showed basic stitches and techniques, and included a few projects for us to try on our own. There is also a community feature with each class, allowing you to ask questions to your instructor, and each other. It really makes the experience of learning a new craft feel more complete knowing you are learning with others too.
If you're not quite ready to enter the world of a full-blown class, or learning a whole new skill, there are tons of FREE classes you can take to get a feel of how they work. I have already enjoyed LOTS of these classes ranging from photography, to quilting, to sewing skills. These classes are shorter but offer the same great teaching and community as the paid classes.
I have a wishlist full of classes I'm excited about taking.
Head on over to Craftsy to see what you can learn today!
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