Monday, December 8, 2014

Paper Wheels with Graham and Brown

I was fortunate to get to work with Graham & Brown again with their wonderful wallpapers. They have the most beautiful selection of modern, bold and sleek styles for any room or decor.

I worked with the Darcy Pearl/Silver pattern for some of my Christmas decor this year.

I always do a pretty elaborate Christmas tree, filled with large objects and ornaments, so I wanted to use their papers to add even more drama to my already full tree.

I made some paper wheels to fill it up! Here's how....


Graham & Brown Wallpaper
Stapler or Glue

I cut my paper into 10" squares. You need two squares for each wheel.

Accordion fold your paper with creases about every 3/4" to 1" apart.

Fold your creased paper in half down the middle, creasing well at the center.

Unfold your paper carefully, pulling two sides of the paper together. Staple the edges together, giving you a fan shape.

Your paper will look like this when stapled.

Repeat with the other piece, then staple both fan shapes together on the edges.

I added a little cut disk of paper in the middle of my wheels, but you can leave them plain too! Add string for hanging, or just place them neatly in your tree for a bold statement!

I love large flowers and decorations in my tree, so these wheels add some definite drama.

Simply gorgeous and making quite a statement.

This is a quick, but very useful decorating craft! Even the kids could help with this one if they can fold paper.

Don't just stop at Christmas trees...these would be perfect for shower or party decorations too!

Make sure you check out the selection of beautiful papers at Graham & Brown to find the perfect paper for your holiday and home crafting.

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