Monday, December 15, 2014

Scrap Organization

This year has been the year of the scraps!! 

But in order to do anything awesome with scraps, you have to be able to SEE your scraps.

This was my former organization system. Yikes. 

It looked great on the bookshelf, because you couldn't actually see inside the bins. You saw three nicely placed bins in a row, looking neat.


Nothing was folded. Pieces were all weird shapes and sizes. Colors were mixed. It was a nightmare.

Something had to be done.

Sigh.....Ahhhhhh. Beautiful.

I dumped ALL of my large bins in my living room one night. I unfolded unwadded  each piece to look at it. Weird stringy pieces were cut off, tiny pieces were thrown out. Each large piece got refolded and placed neatly back into the large bins. The smaller pieces (fat quarter sizes and such) were then neatly folded very small, and placed in plastic bins.

I sorted them by color for function, and prettiness.

These scraps are absolutely perfect for very small projects, quilt blocks, and appliques.

Remember my Dollar Store Organization post from last year? These plastic shoeboxes were a dollar at our dollar store. They have lids and are stackable, perfect for fabric storage.

Don't let your scraps go to waste, and don't let them take over your craft room. Take back control!!

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