Thursday, December 11, 2014

Handprint Ornaments DIY

Babies grow up all too fast don't they?? We want to preserve those little memories for as long as we can. In our house, we love decorating for Christmas. We have a collection of ornaments that are fun and sentimental that we use each and every year. To help preserve the tiny cuteness of our babies, I wanted to make some handprint ornaments this year. Here's how you can make them easily too!!


Undecorated Glass Ornaments (from craft store)
Mod Podge or White Glue
Fine Glitter
Q-tip or small paintbrush

Paint a thin layer of glue onto your little one's hand.

Have them spread their fingers and place their hand on the ornament. For my little guy I told him to hold it like a ball, and hoped that he didn't smear it too badly.

Sprinkle fine glitter all over the handprint while it's still wet.

When it dries, brush or gently blow extra glitter off of the ornament, leaving just the pretty handprint!

I made names and years using vinyl with my Silhouette, but you could use permanent markers or paint as well.

Place the personalization on the opposite side of the ornament from  your handprint.

Tie a ribbon on top and place it on your Christmas Tree!

These would make beautiful and personal gifts for grandparents and other family members who want to remember the sweetness of little hands too!

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  1. Love this - such a cute idea! What a great keepsake for the parents AND grandparents! :)


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