Thursday, December 12, 2013

Embroidered Christmas Ornaments

I've been trying to follow kind of a "use it or lose it" philosophy in regards to my crafting supplies. Some things you just NEED to have lying around, but others just take up room.

I have a bad habit of holding on to the ends of ribbon rolls, just in case I need that last 3 inches of ribbon. This is nuts. However, I came up with a simple and fun project to use of the ends of some burlap ribbon rolls that I used to make These Wreaths.

I threw the ends on an embroidery hoop and sewed up a few of these....


I used my embroidery machine, but you could paint these too!! Anything to use up those scraps!
To begin:
I cut the ends of my ribbon rolls to fit on my embroidery hoop. I embroidered a circle outline, then a Monogram "M" and a Tiger Paw in the middle.
*If you are painting, just lay your ribbon out flat and use a stencil or a steady hand to add your designs.

Cut around the outside of the circle. I left a small border for a more rustic look.

Poke a small hole in the circle, and thread a ribbon, or twine through to allow it to hang on your tree.

They look great on the tree, and I love that one more scrap is gone from my pile!
I have lots more to make (lots more scrap ribbon)

I'll have everyone's initials on the tree by the end.

These would also make AMAZING gift tags if you are really into "WOW" packaging. I don't get that involved with wrapping, but it would definitely add a beautiful touch to a package.

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