Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The End of Football

The saddest time of year. We are done with home games and are now slaves to our TV to see college football games. Last year we managed to go to our bowl game which was AMAZING, even though it was 26 days before our son was born. (Maybe I jumped too hard when we won!)

We had an amazing time at our tailgate again spending time with the ones we love, and enjoying good food and football.

Papa spent his first football season with his grandson, teaching him the importance of Bojangles biscuits and yelling "Go Tigers"

The girls took full advantage of the "purple out" for military appreciation day. Gray thinks her purple pants are the coolest.

Our sweet family of 4. I swear baby boy knows how to smile. He's a very serious little man.

My babies have the best two grandparents that kids could ask for. Their Nana and Papa mean the world to them, and they shower the babies with more love than they know what to do with. 

 There's something about Game Day in Death Valley that makes us all very happy. The colors, the noise, and the family atmosphere make for some very fun weekends.

We pull for our tigers from our head to our toes...

Until next year....


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