Monday, December 9, 2013

A Christmas Runner

Last year, I sewed my super-cheerful Christmas Quilt. I did a lot of quilting last year while I was REALLY pregnant and wanted to sit down a lot. 

This year, Hubby declared that we needed a runner to go under our television to match this little quilt. Somehow I managed to get a husband who LOVES holiday decorating (Yippie!)

Unfortunately I used up all of this sweet little fabric, so I couldn't make a matching one, but I dug into my fabric stash and found some coordinating Christmas colors from past projects. 

I wanted to try a new pattern to, so I took a shot at the herringbone block placement. 

I like it, but would like it more in solid, matching colors. But that's for another project.

It was a small, quick project, which I love. It was also a little bit of a scrapbuster, which is also great!
I used some vintage gingham fabric for the backing, and a decor weight chevron for the binding.

It's quilted lightly with swirls and loops. It still needs washing to get that awesome wrinkly and quilty finish. I think it will look wonderful under the TV, and give me an excuse a reason to wash the one that's already there.

I've told myself to slow down on the sewing, but with customer orders, and decorating for the holidays, it's hard not to try to whip up some fun projects.

What are you sewing this holiday season???

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