Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Card Wreath

In case you are itching to do something with a hot glue gun the week before Christmas...why not make yourself a Christmas Card Wreath??
I have always stood our cards up on our mantle to display during the holidays, but now that more people are using photocards, there's no longer a bi-folded card to prop! Solution: the card wreath.
And it couldn't be easier to make!!

Embroidery Hoop (wood or plastic)
Hot Glue

Two steps:
1) Hot glue clothespins around the embroidery hoop. Have a few pins pointing towards the center to fill the "hole". Use as many as you would like.
2) Tie a bow and a ribbon to hang your card wreath to the top of the hoop, covering the screw on the outside of the hoop.
I've been meaning to spray paint mine lime green, and add some glitter or paint to my clothespins to jazz it up a bit, but for now it works! Maybe next year.
*Happy Crafting*

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