Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pillow Revamp

We're in the process of updating some of our "spaces" and trying to develop a new style. After lots of evaluation, we decided that our current color scheme and taste was a little "country". Not that there's anything wrong with that...it was just time for a change.
We have this sweet little couch that I LOVE to sit on and relax. It came with these pillows, that are kind of blah. The color is fine, the paisley is fine, but they're just not in keeping with the new color scheme.
Since we can't easily change the color of this couch, I thought we could do a quick pillow makeover.
(It's amazing how the sun coming out affects the color of that couch! Yikes!)

I used my Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine to add an SC Palmetto and Moon, as well as our name to the pillows. I had lots of this buttery suede leftover from making Gray's Jacket a couple of years ago, and decided it was time to use some of it up.

These pillows are so much more personal and aren't as much of an eye-sore as the paisley pillows.
I love a quick and easy facelift!

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