Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sneak Peek

If you are fans of Grits & Giggles on Facebook...then you know that there has been a sewing frenzy going on at my house! As part of my "cleaning out" (this has been going on for months, yet nothing seems to be missing) I have decided to use up as much of my fabric stash as possible to make some fun things for my babies and my home. Once I started sorting fabrics I found some really fun ones that I had forgotten about!
I laid them all together and decided to make some dresses for Goldilocks. A few hours later...the child had FOUR new dresses for her closet. She thinks it's Christmas around here. I love when she puts on new dresses and wants to "twirl" all day. As I was making them I decided that I needed to share them with YOU.
The patterns are in the works and are coming along nicely. They'll be a sweet addition to the Grits & Giggles Pattern Shop at Etsy or Craftsy.
They of course had to be named after my girlfriends....
First is the Aprile Knot Dress and Top Pattern.
This little one is named after my sweet cousin. She has a baby girl just a month older that my baby boy. It's been so neat having two close babies in the family.

I can't decide whether I love it more as a dress or a top. Goldilocks loves both.
It's a classic knot-dress style with a banded bottom.
The possibilities for fabric combinations are endless with this little piece.

So sweet, and super easy to wear.

The dress is a conservative length and just precious with a monogrammed bodice. It's getting pretty chilly here, so throwing a shirt underneath made it very winter appropriate.

The second pattern is the Kristen Apron Knot Dress.
My girlfriend/sister from college has a blog BA in Housewifery, where she writes about her life as a military wife. She has some fun stories, recipes, and travel notes. When I thought about the apron dress, I immediately thought of her "housewife" title and knew I had to use her name.
This dress is similar to the Aprile Knot Dress, but has different pieces, including an apron piece on the front of the dress. The pattern will have an option for a flat or ruffled apron piece.
Goldilocks thought it was fun to play with.

Here is the ruffled version. It adds just a little extra "girly touch" to the dress. As if it needed any. I also knotted this one in the back instead of the front. LOTS of options for styling and fabrics with this dress.

Baby girl loves her new wardrobe, and I loved seeing these fabrics come to life again in different ways. I had forgotten about some of them.
Hopefully the patterns are just a few days from completion.
 I can't wait for you to try them!
See the patterns that Grits & Giggles
 has to offer HERE and HERE.

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  1. You are too awesome! I love that you named one of your dresses after me. Love you, girl!


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