Friday, June 10, 2011

Open for Business!!!

I am so excited to announce that Grits and Giggles' "Teething Pearls" are now being sold in Downtown Greenville! Grayson and I went for a stroll in downtown this week when we came across Natural Baby. I had never heard of this store, but it is a toy store for Mommies!!!! I love their slogan: "Pure, Simple, Smart."

The shop is simply gorgeous and full of everything you need to keep you and your baby trendy, natural and happy. They carry everything from cloth diapers, diaper supplies, nursing supplies, baby carriers, clothing, gifts, and soooo much more! I spent so long in there just looking at and touching everything because it was so soft and wonderful! I struck up a conversation about cloth diapering with the owner and we talked for a while. She noticed Gray chewing on her Teething Pearls and asked about them! I asked her if they ever sold from local people and she said "Absolutely!"

I have taken some of the most popular colors to the store and I have my fingers crossed that the people of Greenville love them as much as we do! They are on the same display as "Sophie the Giraffe"...and if you have a baby, you know that this is a BIG deal. I hope this is the start of a wonderful business relationship where people can have a more natural and trendy alternative to the plastic teething toys.

On my first trip there I picked up a couple of new diapers (couldn't help myself!) because I felt sure that Gray needed them. I have enough self control to limit myself to two at a time. When I went back to drop off the Teething Pearls, I saw a display of products from a company called Babee Greens, from Ashville, NC. I picked up a pack of their organic cotton/hemp doublers, and once I felt how soft they were, I knew I had to have them.
It's so nice to know that there are companies so close to home that are responsible for creating these wonderful, organic, good for baby products! I held them the whole way home because they were just too soft to put down. I wish they made "big people undies" out of this stuff. I'm sure I'll be picking up many more products from this company, especially once we decide to have another little one. They make organic nursing pads and I'll bet they're just as soft and squishy. Check them out HERE if you would like to learn more.

If you, or someone you know has a baby make sure to check out Natural Baby in Greenville! Pick up some Teething Pearls while you're there! If you can't quite make it to Greenville, visit us on Etsy!


  1. Congratulations! That is very exciting!!!

  2. Very exciting! I'm a new follower!

  3. Hey, from Hendersonville! I grew up in Easley! New follower from FNF blog hop!

  4. Good for you! I was visited Greenville for the first time in some years. It is so cute! I'm a displaced Gamecock, attended USC for law school, but now live in Pittsburgh. Love the Steelers, but miss the South. Thanks for keeping me connected. Best of luck!


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