Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Because Gerber is Gross...take 4

One day I may run out of new baby food recipes....but today is not that day! I made Hubby and I some quesadillas the other day, and gave Gray some of the chicken and pieces of tortilla. This child LOVES spicy food whenever we give her what we're eating when we go out. So I figured, instead of throwing leftovers in the fridge to lurk until we found them, I would make her something delicious to freeze!!

Baby Mexican Fiesta!!

Diced chicken (any amount that you have on hand)
1 can or 1 cup of black beans
1 cup brown rice
salsa (more or less depending on your baby and their love of spice!)
Spices: I used cumin, cayenne pepper, chili powder, and paprika

Note: if your baby doesn't like spice, or hasn't had spices yet, you can absolutely omit the spices and salsa)

Begin  by cooking your chicken over medium heat in a fryin pan. Don't add the spices too early or it will get super hot! Once the meat starts to brown, THEN add the spices to coat the meat well.

Once chicken is cooked set aside. Cook your rice according to package directions. Once the rice is finished cooking, add the black beans to heat them up. Add to chicken. Add a little bit of salsa for flavor if you would like. I added about 3 tbs.
Place everything into a food processor, or use a hand-chopper to make the mixture a good consistency for your baby. Place in ice-cube trays and freeze!!

I served Gray's with whole wheat tortillas broken into little pieces. She loves it!!


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