Thursday, June 16, 2011

Getting organized....

My life is a mess....not in an "in need of therapy" kind of way...but in an "I need boxes, and lists, and time" kind of way. I am desperately trying to get things organized at home, and on the Blog so that I know where everything is. Between my crafting projects and Etsy, I have stuff everywhere! Now that I have fabric cut for sooo many projects, I need to organize it so I know what piece goes with what project.

Much to Hubby's dismay, my sewing room is an absolute disaster. I blame the fact that there is a bed next to my sewing machine. No, I don't nap and forget to clean up, I use it to SPREAD out! I lay all of my fabric, unfinished projects, boxes, etc. on top of the bed so I can "find" everything. This is not a great idea.

In an attempt to help solve my little problem, I have bought boxes...cute ones. I intend to go home tonight and label them with what should be in them (Headbands, teething pearls, shipping supplies, etc) and then place the correct items inside. Hopefully this will get my little room under control and make Hubby happy. He's a little OCD when it comes to stuff lying around, so he usually just keeps that door closed so he can't see in it!

Once I get a little organized...then it's crafting time!! I absolutely love the way Gray's dress turned out from the little boys shirt, so I'm going to make me one! I wasn't feeling making a mini-dress, or wearing leggings, so I'm actually making me a shirt, but it will be the same concept. I found an awesome little Banana Republic shirt at Goodwill for $4 in the men's section. When I showed it to Hubby, he frowned and said he wanted it!! I told him it was mine and he could go find his own treasure! (It wouldn't fit him anyways....sorry dear.) I'll be working on those things tonight and of course, pictures will follow!

I have added lots of "Linkys" to the "Favorites" section of the blog. Make sure you check them out to find some new bloggy friends, or some new crafts to try! I'm adding them as I find them so check back often to see if there are new ones!


  1. I've bought boxes of all kinds and am still disorganized. LOL.
    Following you from

  2. I'd love my entire life to be sorted into cute labeled boxes...

    Thanks so much for joining us for Friendly Friday, Jenilyn! I've spent forever browsing through your blog and I love all of your awesome crafts and recipes - you're so talented!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I am also starting a organization blitz!
    New follower from the FF hop.
    Hope you can stop by

  4. Good luck on your organization! I'm a new follower following from the blog hop! I hope you'll come follow back! Have a great Friday!

  5. I love being organized as well and cute boxes and labels are the way to go:) Oh and btw, love your Etsy store.. it's so cute! I just discovered your blog and I'm really glad I did. I am now following you thanks to Hop Along Friday, and it would be so nice if you could share the love back on my blog;)
    Also today we have the coolest blog hop there is... no rules just fun and would love you to join in with us at Boost My Blog Friday, where you can meet lots of friends and have a great time:) See you there!
    Happy Friday

  6. I'm your newest stalker/follower via the Friday hop. Have a great weekend!
    I hope you will follow me back :)

  7. I am a very organized person normally, but life has gotten in the way the last month! Frustrating it is!

    New follower from FNF! Hope you get a chance to stop by!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. New follower! Please stop by and return the follow! :)


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