Monday, August 11, 2014

Youth Trip: Waterfalling

Last weekend, Hubby and I, along with our cousin and his wife, took our church youth/Sunday school class on a little hiking trip. Our intent was to have a lesson and lunch before we left on the trail, then to walk and see some pretty waterfalls. We went to Brasstown Falls in South Carolina.

 It was pretty chilly and kind of rainy that day, so we didn't expect to get in the water.

But the waterfalls were calling our names!!

The youth had a blast, but if it's possible, I think we had MORE fun.

There's me on the left in my red jacket. It was too cold to take it off! 

The beauty of living in the upstate of South Carolina is that you are just a short drive from the mountains, and from some beautiful places. 

After splashing in the smaller falls, we found the GOOD one.  I only had my cell phone to take pictures (since it was raining), so I don't have great pictures of the big falls. Let's just say we experienced first hand how loud, powerful, and WET a waterfall can be. 

The girls all rode in one car, and I must say I learned a lot by talking and listening to them. They are all high school girls and informed us of the following:

  • People over 25 are "old"
  • Songs that came out over a year ago are "old"
  • Without the "dictionary" app on their phone, there is no other way to find out what a word means
  • 70's and 80's music is cool again (but still old)
  • Having no cell phone signal is painful and scary

All joking aside, these are smart, talented girls (and boys) and they have SO much ahead of them in life. We were so happy to get to experience a little bit of fun with them, and learn from them this weekend. 

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