Thursday, August 14, 2014

Glitter Crowns {Tutorial}

When Goldilocks told me she wanted a "princess" theme for her party this year, I was excited to create something to make it special. I was going to make her a crown to wear, but then decided that the other kids would probably like one too!

One trip to Hobby Lobby, and I had my materials to make 10 sparkly, glittery crowns, fit for princes and princesses.


Fabric-backed glitter "paper" (in the felt section)
3/4" wide elastic
sewing things

I chose pink for the princess, and neutral gold and silver for the rest of the crowns, since there will be boys there too! Each piece of paper makes 2 crowns, so one other girl will have pink to match the birthday girl.

Flip over your paper, and simply draw an even zig zag pattern down the middle. Draw it long ways.

Use scissors (not your fabric scissors!!) to cut out your crowns. Cutting through the glitter isn't too messy, but it's hard on scissors.

For toddler heads, I cut my elastic to 6". The 6" elastic, plus the 11" length of paper should fit around their head nicely. They had enough stretch to not be too tight, but still stay on.

Sew the elastic with a few zig-zag stitches to the back of the paper.

Now you have adorable crowns, ready for a royal party!

They're lightweight, and comfortable to wear. Not to mention your royal subjects will LOVE wearing them to feel special at the party!

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  1. Awesome! I'm about to do a Knight's, Lords and Ladies party... might have to see if the party boy likes this idea for some of the guests. :)


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