Monday, August 4, 2014

Giant Knit Scarf: Done

Ya'll may remember I started knitting a HUGE scarf earlier this summer. I started it this summer, because I knew it would take a long time to finish, because I am so knew to knitting, and go very slowly,

I am sooooooo proud of how it turned out. It is long. LONG. And fluffy, and warm. Just as I wanted.

I wanted it to be pretty neutral, but have something interesting, so it got a couple of mustard-colored stripes too.

It measures about 70" long from start to finish, but I connected the two ends to make it an infinity scarf. 

 I don't know whether I love the knit side, or purl side more. I love the smoothness of knit stitches, but the texture of the purls. Luckily I get both with this scarf when I'm wearing it.

Two months of knitting well worth it. I want to make another one in grays...but my hands aren't quite ready yet. 

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