Thursday, May 8, 2014

Reversible Shorts Sewing

It's hard to find cute (non-skanky) shorts for little girls to play in. Lots of sport shorts are either super short, or super tight, or super see-through. Not for my 3 year old. So I wanted to sew her up some to wear when doing group sports, or playing in the yard that would be comfortable, breathable, and cute.

I was working on lining them, when I realized it would be just as easy to make them reversible! 

I searched the internet and found some great sports mesh fabric in our favorite sport colors: purple and orange.

  Since the original plan was to just line them, I also bought some micromesh fabric. It's a great thin lining for sportswear.

I made one pair with the micromesh and purple mesh fabric. And another reversible pair with the orange AND purple. Those are definitely my favorite.  Clearly, Goldilocks likes them too. 

The sides have a slit/vent in the bottom to make them even more sport-friendly. Plenty of room for motion.

I liked sewing these so much, that I wanted to share with YOU! I'm working on getting a pattern and tutorial together NOW. If you've run into the same shopping woes as I have...then you can sew up a few pairs of these in no time! 

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