Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Very Pink Quilt

I found another quilt in my house that I forgot to share with you! I say "found" because this one is buried in Goldilocks's bed.

I actually made this one for her for Christmas two years ago. It has seen a lot of love since then.
The fabrics are a beautiful assortment of pinks. I got most of them in a "pink bundle" from an Etsy shop. They are all Amy Butler prints so they are of course, gorgeous. Some of the prints are from my fabric stash, and I threw in a few solids as filler.

I let baby girl pick the back and binding fabrics. So yes, they're also pink. She did a good job though. This quilt got a classic grid, outlining the seam lines of all of the squares.

It's been washed sooo many times, and used for lots and lots of sleepovers already. I'm glad she still loves it even two years later.

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