Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sweet Little Diapers


Almost exactly a year ago on our Facebook Page, I posted a picture of these little babies I was sewing up for my upcoming little one. I am a lover of cloth diapering, but the expense of the cute little newborn diapers was not as appealing as how cute they were. So I sewed a lot of my own.

I mentioned that there may be a pattern in the future. I didn't forsee it taking over a year to actually happen, but I'm now working on getting it drafted for YOU! Even will be FREE.
My goal is to have 4 sizes: Newborn, small, medium, and large to sew all-in-ones and fitteds.
(You can also make pockets, but I won't include instructions for those)
My sweet boy doesn't fit in these anymore, but he's almost ready to try fitteds for night time diapering, so I'll be sewing up some new diapers soon.
Hopefully it doesn't take me another whole year to get this one out to you.

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