Friday, November 1, 2013

Our Happy Halloween

It was all treats and no tricks for our family this year! Yippie!
I hope your Halloween was safe and happy as well.
A little Goldilocks told me she wanted to be one of "Aunt Kai Kai's Cheerleaders" for Halloween. Kaileigh is a cheerleading coach at our high school, so I obliged and made her a legit uniform to wear. I think she could join the sideline crew tomorrow!

The old-school pleated skirt makes me happy. And of course she loves that it twirls.

She needed a monogrammed ribbon to match.

Like a good supportive brother, baby boy was a football. He was a little small for pads and a jersey this year.

We had our annual Trunk-or-Treat at the church. It's a fun time, with a safe place for neighborhood kids to trick-or-treat without the door to door. I borrowed Mama's décor this year and set up a harvest theme. All Halloween doesn't have to be spooky.

Of course, some participants go all out! Goldilocks' Sunday school teacher made for a decent death-row inmate! Noose included.

Hubby helped her trick or treat around the parking lot. I was proud of her though...she had more fun handing out candy than asking for it!

My "niece" was a pumpkin pie. How stinking cute is she???
Her Daddy's a chef, so it was totally appropriate.

Her and baby boy are just a few weeks apart in age. Little twinsie cousins.

Now that Halloween is over with I can wait for my favorite holiday....Thanksgiving! I boycott all things Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving. First things first people...first things first.

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  1. Her cheerleader outfit reminds me of my high school...same colors and we were the Wando Warriors. Too cute!


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