Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Little Preview

I have really fallen in love with pattern making. Because I LOVE making things for my babies, I sew a lot. And if it's something I like, I draw out a pattern to have again. I figure, if I'm drawing it in one size, I might as well spend a little extra time and do more sizes...which results in adding to
My family is a little obsessed with fleece vests. They're practical. They keep you warm without lots of bulk, and they add a little color to a boring long sleeve shirt. We all wear them.

(This was the one time Hubby WASN'T wearing one)
With winter approaching, I wanted my babies to be warm, without the fussy bulk of a big jacket. Vests were on the sewing menu.
I loved them SOOOOO much when I was done, that I got out my pen and paper, and started drafting.
This little baby is being tested as we speak.... and I've sewn up a bunch myself!
I am head-over-heels in love with this camo version for baby boy. Hubby is jealous of his boy's new vest. I think he wants one in his size.
Goldilocks' is over the top girly, lined with pink fleece and with a little pocket on the front for all of her treasures.

It's soft, comfortable, and warm. Just like babies like to be!

The pattern will be for sizes 12 Months- 12 years.
I cannot WAIT to have this ready for you to sew too!
You're going to love it!


  1. Oh, these little vests are so cute! And so practical. My grandbabies live where it is COLD, so they would be great! Can't wait for the pattern. Or, if you need a pattern tester, count me in!


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