Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wallpaper Love with Graham & Brown

I recently received a fun package from Graham and Brown. It was a roll of absolutely beautiful wallpaper, that they wanted me to use for something in my home. 

I thought about wallpapering the back of my desk hutch, making a photo backdrop for the kids' Halloween pictures, and other things. But in the end, as I stared at the paper, it was just too pretty to do a "project" with and forget about. I wanted it to be front and center.

So I cut a section and framed it!! It is now artwork. And this paper truly is beautiful enough to be called ART.

 I used the pattern "Mirage Charcoal" which was a beautiful slate gray with almost spooky trees. Perfect for the month of October. I took the back out of my frame, and inserted the paper, just as you would a picture.

Once I hung it on my wall I could NOT believe how well the grays in the picture matched my paint color! This makes the picture even more beautiful, as it looks like the trees are floating in the frame.
(paint color is Coventry Gray by Benjamin Moore.)

The spookiness of the trees, with the distressed wood of my frame makes for a beautiful piece of art, perfect for the Halloween season. But I'm sure it will be up much longer.

Visit Graham and Brown to see all of the beautiful wallpapers they offer! The prints are bold, saturated with color, and sure to make any room look "WOW". 

Not up for doing a whole room? Try an accent wall, or go smaller...frame that beautiful paper.

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  1. Thats striking as a picture and a smashing frame there too!


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