Thursday, October 30, 2014

Obligatory Fall Pictures

It wouldn't be a personal blog without the obligatory family fall photos right???

Fall is my favorite time of year. Football season, leaves changing color, BOOTS, and other wonderful things come in the fall. It's also my favorite time of year to take pictures. The colors and lighting are just perfect for beautiful photographs, whether it's of people or landscapes.

We took a little drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway one Sunday to see the changing leaves and had to take some photos along the way.

(I hate that these are so heavily watermarked, but I'm aware of some photo snatchers out there.)

Hubby knows how important the "perfect picture spot" is to me, so when we both saw this bridge off the side of the road...he immediately hit the brakes and pulled over! That's why I love him. 

I used some actions from The Coffee Shop Blog to add a little more glow to the pictures, as well as a few neat little edits. Their actions are incredibly easy to use and give a beautiful result.

Daddy-Daughter love. Need I say more???

My little minions were on their best behavior during picture taking, which made me sooooo happy! 

I'll take goofy faces any day. These pictures best capture their personalities, so they can't all be smiling and posed.

Being able to sneak in just a few pictures each season is really a blessing. You see just how fast your little family grows up when you're flipping through albums.

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