Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Elf on a Shelf: for toddlers

Who wants some Christmas in July?? All crafty Mamas know that you have to plan your holiday crafting in advance, and the sooner the better. What better time than July to start thinking about this Christmas's Elf on a Shelf ideas too?

Last Christmas was the first time that Micah came to visit our house, and Goldilocks was mesmerized. Baby boy was still too young to care, but this year should be fun for him too.

He came on December 1st with a letter from Santa Claus himself letting my babies know that Micah would be staying with us until Christmas. We read his book and talked about why Santa brings presents every year.

We teach our babies that Jesus loves us soooo much that he wants us to share in the joy of his birthday by having gifts too!! 

After that first night, the fun began. Where oh where would Micah be the next morning?? The next 23 days began with tiny footsteps running through the house trying to find our elf friend. Some mornings he had hidden a little TOO much, but I always helped her find him. 

Here are 23 toddler friendly, and toddler approved Elf on a Shelf ideas for you to use in your home!

As we went to other friends houses, Goldilocks discovered that there were MORE elves than just Micah. So we had Micah write letters addressed to those elves.

 He borrows crayons to color a self-portrait.

 He left a Christmas Eve letter for the babies to tell them he would see them next year.

He gave them a little Christmas countdown.

He got caught digging for cookies in the cookie jar.

He made us some elf-sized snowflakes to enjoy.

He watched quietly from the mantle, observing their every move.

He tried baking Santa some Christmas Cookies.

He went for a ride on our antique reindeer.

He got caught riding the camel from our nativity scene.

He sneaked into the stockings.

He left a sign to make sure Santa knew to come by the house.

He thought he was hiding in the cereal box...but we could see him.

He used our lights as a jungle-gym.

He left messages on our ribbon plate.

He tried sewing himself a scarf and new hat.

He sat quietly in our wreath.

He wanted to be like a grown-up and get ready, so he thought about shaving!

He wrapped some elf-sized presents for his friends.

 He built himself a tower with our giant blocks.

He played card games with his lady elf friend.

He left sweet messages for the babies on our white board.

He spent the day eating candy and watching his favorite movie, "Elf" of course, with his lady elf friend.

I hope you can use some of these ideas, or inspire your own to have a little more fun with your elf this winter. I know we will when Micah comes back to visit again!

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  1. Gosh do wish I could find out where to buy these little guys heads : (
    Such cute characters and this guy certainly got about in a short space of time lol


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