Monday, July 8, 2013

Vintage Sewing Goodness

*I wrote this post two weeks ago. Little did I know that I scheduled it to post just one day after my Granny would pass away. She went home to be with Papa yesterday. She will be greatly missed, but leaves a legacy of 4 grandchildren and 3 (so far) great-grandchildren who cherish all the love and knowledge she gave.*

My Granny has taught me most of the craftiness that I enjoy these days. This picture is from our Church Tea last year.

She taught me how to cross-stitch, then to crochet, and finally, how to use a sewing machine. We sat for hours with her trying to teach me how to make Gray's first dresses.
 Now that I'm doing LOTS of sewing, and she doesn't sew anymore, she decided to pass on her HUGE collection of sewing things. And I mean HUGE. It took me an embarrassingly long time to actually go through all of the boxes and bags and organize everything. But there are some really cool things that have been added to my sewing collection.
Have you ever in your life seen so much embroidery floss? She had every color that has ever been made (I'm sure), organized in their own little bags by number. If you've ever done a cross-stitch pattern you know how important those numbers can be!

I also found these mini cross-stitch ornaments. The first one I ever did was a little teddy bear. Granny sat and helped me finish it. One day, I'll teach Gray how to cross-stitch with these. They're perfect for learning.

The boxes were full of notions galore! I've never covered buttons, but I'm going to try with these! I now have a collection of special dress making items.

Trims, Trims, and more Trims!! There was ribbons and vintage lace. I'll probably hoard all of it until I can think of the perfect project. (Which is probably what she was doing with it)

Bias tapes, zippers, threads, and elastics in all different colors.

Do you see the price on this bias tape?? That's right...15 cents. Vintage.

In the bottom of the boxes were some very special items. I found some paper wedding bells...and a stack of these...

Napkins from my parents wedding almost 30 years ago. They have a beautiful, strong marriage and have created a beautiful family through it. It was wonderful to find these in the box. And they look surprisingly new after 30 years!
There's something special about passing items through the family, especially items you can use to make other beautiful things. Now I just have to wait for the right project to enjoy using some of the vintage-y goodness.

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