Friday, July 5, 2013

The Wearable Quilt

In a tribute to my finished T-shirt quilt, I started digging through my old pictures seeing when I actually WORE all of those shirts. It was a great trip down memory lane.
Most of my pictures were sorority pictures, even though half of the quilt is "Winthrop University" shirts. I guess I didn't do as many fun things in those. Oh's a few of the shirts before they became my latest craft project...
Relay for life was always my favorite event for us in the spring. It's a great cause, but lots of fun too!
Hubby always came up to join our team in walking and celebrating cancer survivors.

I look like the oddball this year...but it's only because I was our team captain. We got the super-cool navy shirts.

We always had a great crowd come out...especially this year! This was my senior year at Winthrop with all of my sisters.

Oh how I love these girls. My roommate, my MOH, and my birthday twin. Event though we all live far apart (one lives in Nepal!!) we are still close and keep in touch with each other. That's what sisters are for.

The local Chick-Fil-A was our Monday hang out spot. If you give out free food with a church know the Christian women's sorority WILL show up. We were after all, hungry college students.

Basketball games and homecoming were always a blast. I miss cheering for our teams!

We welcomed everyone back to campus each year with a convocation picnic. We melted every. single. year.  If you've never been to South Carolina in don't know heat!

Sisterhood retreats were always filled with fun and surprises. The Great Flour Fight of 2006 was one to remember. Grab some knee high socks, fill them with flour, and chase each other with your weapons. It's fun and a great stress-reliever. Give it a try.

So we don't look so happy in this picture. I'm sure we were just tired.
That's better. Shenanigans could always be expected with this group.
All of the events were so unique, which led to some really unique shirts. This made the quilt extra special!

Maybe I didn't wear ALL of the shirts. The snowman was a little chilly.
It snowed a lot on my 21st birthday. Best birthday present of all...cancelled classes! There were lots of these little guys around campus that year.

As hard as it was to cut up my shirts that had seen me through so many good times, I know that the memories I have IN the shirts is what's important. I laugh and smile when I look at the quilt and remember where I wore each shirt, who I was with, and what mischief we got into.
It is a very cherished sewing project indeed.

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  1. I love the trip down memory lane! And I agree that our 21st birthday was amazing with the snow day!


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