Friday, March 1, 2013

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad People

Hello Lovely Readers! I want to thank you all so much for the time you take to read Grits & Giggles and the wonderful comments you leave for me to read. They really do brighten my day!
I love sharing with you my love of crafting, sewing, and most of all, being a wife and mommy.
Unfortunately, some horrible people have taken advantage of my sharing. Some people who Hubby and I are familiar with have stolen pictures of our children off the internet, and have chosen to use them without our permission in a publication. These people have threatened the safety and security of our family in the past, so this new information has been particularly disturbing.
It's annoying enough when someone borrows your tutorial pictures, or finished product pictures without giving proper credit. But to steal the pictures of someone's children, the people we treasure the most, takes a disgusting person.
It will be difficult to share day to day happenings with you without including my babies. If pictures of my babies are included in a post...they will be heavily watermarked, probably over their beautiful faces to keep these horrible people from using them again.
Thank you all again for reading, and your sweet comments, especially about my babies. So many of you have told me that you love seeing them in pictures, and have shared with me about your own babies. They truly are a blessing.


  1. That is terrible and doubly terrible that they were people you know. Shame on them!

  2. That's messed up! I'm sorry this is happening to you. Your babies are adorable but do whatever you need to feel safe and keep them safe. We'll all understand.

  3. How scary! It makes me want to remove every photo I have on my blog! I just can't understand people!

  4. Holy Cow! That is reprehensible! Why someone would do that is beyond me. I hope you confronted these people since you know them.

  5. That is completely horrid! I really feel for you guys. My hubby made me promise when I started my blog not to include the kids pictures in any of my posts - which is why you will only see a hand, or legs or something if they need to be included. It makes it hard sometimes taking photos, or showing what I'm talking about, but I respect him for his stand.
    I really hope that you are able to resolve the problem as much as it can be.

  6. I am really sorry to hear this, and unfortunately it is not the first time I have read this either, from blogs I follow :-( Yes, please watermark your special family and keep them safe. I hope you never have to experience this ever again! Best wishes x

  7. This is so horrible. They should be so ashamed of themselves. Is nothing sacred?! I was told that you can notify the FBI and they will act because children are involved. It's worth a try.


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