Saturday, March 23, 2013

Beach Time

We were lucky enough to take a much needed vacation this past "All-Girls-Plus-Brayden" trip. Poor little guy was a little outnumbered. It was pretty chilly while we were there, but there was still time for playing in the sand!
What little baby doesn't love running the sand through their fingers...or putting it in their shoes??

Goldilocks loves to jump, anywhere and everywhere. The sand added some new fun to her jumping.

We took a little drive to Calabash, North Carolina to eat and check out some of the boats on the water. She loves seeing the boats!

Breezy and beautiful...just how little girls should be.

Other than being a girl's trip, we also managed to have FOUR generations together!
Granny, Mama, Me, and my two babies.

This was Brayden's first trip to the beach. I can't believe how big he's getting.
He looks so huge sitting with his sister.

She loves him so much, and loves to hold and take care of him.
Such a good big sister.

And they love this lady more than anything!! Everyone needs a Nana like theirs!

Because Nana will dance in the waves when Mama won't!!
(I don't love getting in the ocean, especially when it's 50 degrees outside.)

We missed Daddy so much on this trip. I told Gray we were facing Daddy when we looked out into the water.
I'm pretty sure we're looking at Africa and not Europe...but who needs a geography lesson while on vacation.

I can't wait to go back when we can have him with us, and when Brayden can play in the sand too! Lots more beach trips to come. That's the beauty of living in South Carolina. Only a couple of hours from the mountains and the sea....

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