Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome to the World Abigail

My cousin's sweet baby girl was born last Saturday after a loooooong day of labor. I know it was a long, tiring day, but the end result completely erases all of the crazy moments from your mind.
Here is Abigail Juliann at 1 day old. Such a sweet little face, and so alert!

Eyes wide open ready to see the world...

One thing I learned about Hubby early on...he LOVES babies. Abigail perked right up when he held her.

Here's the proud Mommy (Aprile) and Daddy (George)
And a big yawn from baby girl.

Such a beautiful little family...

Here she is with her great-granny. Or Gi-Gi as Grayson calls her now.

 I finally got my turn to hold her, but she was getting hungry, so it was short-lived before she went back to her mommy.

It's just a few short weeks until we get to hold our own little bundle of joy. 6 more weeks according to the doctor....we'll see what baby boy has in mind for his birthday though.

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  1. A big welcome to Abigail and congratulations to her parents! I have an Abigail in my own life, and she is a delight!


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