Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Nautical Nursery

The nursery is done!! Baby boy will have somewhere to sleep (once he's a year old, that is) Gray slept in our room until she was 10 months old, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. 

I wanted a theme for his nursery without it being to "baby-ish". Something he could grow into. A nautical theme it was!!

The wall art was made with the help of my Silhouette. I cut the shapes out of white cardstock, and placed a navy striped paper behind the cutouts. The frames are spray painted white frames from the dollar store. Total cost of nursery art....$4. Oh yes. 

This ship is particularly special to Hubby. It's one of the only possessions he has from his childhood home. It was handmade by his grandfather out of.....matchsticks!!! Crafting isn't just for the ladies! It took some repair work on my part to get it back in show-order, but it was worth the work to have it in the room. I know Hubby loves to see it in there.

I made some chevron pillows for my rocker, and for the crib, because every room needs a little chevron!

The decal is from an Etsy shop. It was pretty easy to apply, but it's had a little trouble sticking to our textured walls. Lots of rubbing have helped it stick, and I think it looks great now! Best's removable and there's no holes in the wall.

Here's another chevron pillow, and a little striped pillow that I enjoyed creating. I liked looking at nautical flags for this nursery, and decided that some alternating stripes was just what I needed. I used some extra backing fabric from baby boy's quilt. 

Speaking of flags, a pennant banner was just what the crib needed. I probably should have ironed the triangles before taking pictures, but it's okay. Don't will come down before he actually sleeps there. I know it's a choking hazard.

The quilt was one of my favorites I've made so far. I used Sarah Janes "Out to Sea" line, cut into 4" squares and patchwork pieced together. There are lots of sweet little map prints, pirates, and nautical themes. It's such a cute line and I loved working with it!

A red striped backing was just what this quilt needed to finish it off. Hubby picked out the gingham binding, and it's a perfect fit. The quilt is crib sized, and will be a great playmat too. 

The best part...only my baby boy will have exactly this quilt. It's fun to know you have one-of-a-kind pieces in your home!

Now that the nursery is done, the clothes are washed and folded, and my hospital bag is's time to wait. He needs to cook at least another week, then he can come whenever he sees fit! I'm so ready to meet this little man!


  1. This is beautiful! Great ideas to inspire... Congrats on your newest family member!

  2. so adorable! nautical theme is awesome for little boys

  3. I have been putting together a nautical theme for my 3rd son too! So wonderful to see yours ready for action. You have done an amazing job - and I LOVE that ship!!! With any luck your little guy will be like mine and come smack dab bang on his due date! :)
    Blessings for the next week and onwards.
    Sheree x0x

  4. I love those wall arts too! Soo cool:)

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