Thursday, January 17, 2013

Newborn Photoshoot

Since my cousin had her baby, I can't get enough of that sweet baby girl's face! It seems like yesterday, and forever ago since Gray was a newborn, so being around a tiny baby again has been wonderful.

I asked if she would let me try my hand at taking some newborn pictures of her. I wanted to practice photographing a newborn, editing the photos, and getting the shots I wanted. I'm sure I'll have plenty of opportunities for practice soon, but having the energy might be another story!

Baby girl was soooo good during our session. Once she had a full belly and was in a milk coma, it was easy to get some nice sleepy shots! She woke up in the middle, and I could get a few with her pretty eyes open.

I used one of my favorite new actions from The Coffee Shop Blog to edit her baby skin. I used the original Baby Powder Room to remove a little redness and get her skin beautifully smooth, without looking too plastic.

Is there anything cuter than baby feet? I didn't think so either.

Her mommy and daddy don't love headbands, so most of them are without. I snuck a few in there though, because after having Gray, my life is consumed with bows and beadbands.

This is my favorite picture. A perfectly sleeping baby.

And of IS my family. So there is Tigers gear already. 

Sticking out that little baby tongue. So cute.

Melts my heart. 

Gray loves her little cousin. We're working on her being more gentl, but can you blame her for wanting to have her hands all over that sweet little girl? Poor baby boy is in for it when he gets here. 

There's those eyes!! 

A BIG thanks again to my cousin for letting me "experiment" with her baby girl. I love how the pictures turned out. I can't wait to get some pictures of both tiny babies together. I wonder if they'll both cooperate at the same time....

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