Friday, November 30, 2012

The End of Football

Our Tigers football season has come to an end once again. I hate it when football season is over...but fortunately...there's still BOWL season! I love all college football, so another 2 months of games is just fine by me.
We got one last family picture as a family of 7. Next year there will be another little tiger with us too!

I love the time we get to spend together tailgating, enjoying the outdoors, and enjoying each other.
As it got colder, everyone bundled up a little bit more! We added lots of layers before the night was over.
Gray loves football time with her Papa. She's quite the little cheerleader.
And I know she looks forward to her long walks with Nana. They explore each and every week.
Of course, who can resist a little "Daddy Time"???
We only busted out the grill for this game. Hubby is our official grillmaster.
Steak sandwiches....yessssssir!!
Layers were added, gloves and scarves were worn, and giant bows were added to hats to keep ears warm during the game. You can never over-accessorize for a southern football game!
It's been a great season. 9-2. We loved every minute of it. Next year will bring new joys, fun, and family.


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