Thursday, November 22, 2012


*Happy Thanksgiving*

I hope you're able to spend today with the ones you love, laughing, eating, and loving.

I unfortunately had to work last night...and will work tonight too. Hospitals don't tend to observe holidays. I am, however, spending every waking moment enjoying those that I love.

I'm thankful for this crazy family of ours. Nana, Papa, Adam, Kaileigh, Hubby, Gray, and Myself. There are so many good times, good words, and good spirits when we're all together. All families should be so lucky to have what we do!!

I am blessed that my most distant cousin lives 20 minutes away. Having your siblings and cousins this close together makes for one seriously close family.

I am blessed, lucky, and thankful for these two. Everything I do is for them, to make them happy. I get nothing but happiness for myself in return. Every. Single. Day.


The smile on this girl's face, her howling laugh, and her sweet kisses are by far the biggest joy in my life. I don't know what we did before she was here.
So completely gorgeous.

I can't forget my other little miracle!! I'm thankful to be feeling huge and pregnant, as uncomfortable as it may be some days.
 Feeling kicks, punches, and rolls are a sweet little reminder that I'm never alone.





  1. Such a sweet post, beautiful photos and that little girl is just too cute!

  2. So sweet! Love the Clemson photo! Go Tigers!


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