Friday, November 2, 2012

Baby Showers

A few weeks ago we held a baby shower for my cousin, who is having her first baby...a little GIRL!

She is due on Christmas can't wrap that one up!

No baby shower these days is complete without a diaper cake.
Tutorial on the "No Roll" diaper cake coming soon....part of the "Becoming Mommy Series" right here!

My cousin-in-law made these precious centerpieces. A baby-ism for each letter of the alphabet.

All of the ladies of the family helped out, from getting invitations done, to prepping food, to stacking cupcakes on towers!

A little bump comparison!! I'm two months behind with my baby BOY!

Those cupcakes were deeeeeelish!


By birth or by marriage....there's a lot of love with these women!! 
I'm not quite sure why Aprile and I are so far apart....

Will Kaileigh hurt me for putting this picture into the universe???
I'm willing to find out!

There's sooooooo much more shower and mommy/baby goodness to come over the next few months. 
Stay tuned!

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  1. That Diaper Cake is so pretty, I love that it is uncluttered.


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