Monday, October 22, 2012

Family Pictures

While in the mountains, we were able to take LOTS of great family pictures. By the end of the trip, Gray thought everywhere we stopped was for picture taking...and I guess in a way, it was!

I'm always behind the camera, so this time we took the tripod, used the car hood, and I handed the camera off to Hubby to make sure we had some equal camera time! 

On the way up, the leaves were so beautiful. There was a checkerboard of orange, red, yellow, and green for as far as the eye can see. 

Gray loved seeing all of the colors. 
She wanted the sunroof open the whole time so she could watch the trees go by.

We visited a few outlooks on our way to stretch our legs, and of course, take in the scenery.

The city of Gatlinburg was covered with fall decor. Pumpkins, straw, mums, scarecrows....

Gray LOVED the giant pumpkins and squash.

There are natural rivers all over the mountains, so we pulled off to find a couple. It was a little too cold to wade into the water, but we did some rock hopping instead.

This child likes to ham it up for the camera. And Mama loves it when she does!!

No vacation is complete without a little spoiling, so there was ice cream, milkshakes and kettle corn to be eaten!

At the Apple Barn, we were able to make use of their wonderful fall decor and get some much needed family shots. How perfect is this display for picture taking?

It was sunny and chilly while we were there, perfect for coats and warm boots.

Gray takes lots of opportunities to give her brother a big hug and kiss. 
Hopefully she's as affectionate when he's really here.

This year's Christmas card picture? Perhaps!!

Even when she's not smiling, that face just melts my heart. So gorgeous.

We snuck in a few belly pictures too. Baby didn't know he was having his picture taken. These are at 23 weeks.

That is one happy baby...right there.

It's not very often with busy work schedules and hectic lives that we get to just take off on a vacation. This one was so much fun, especially because Gray remembers where we went and what we did, and could really enjoy it this time!

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  1. Your little girl looks just like her Grandma Mulkey.


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