Tuesday, October 9, 2012

22 Weeks

We have sailed past the halfway point in this pregnancy. I cannot believe how fast it is flying by! Maybe it's because I have two more friends who are pregnant, or because it's football season, or because the holidays are coming up, but I feel like I have NO time left to get ready for this baby, and I haven't even started yet!

Fortunately, we DID find some time to take some pictures. I've heard that baby #2 gets slighted in the picture department because all of the attention was on the 1st baby. I think this one will be the opposite. With my favorite camera in my bag everywhere I go, I don't miss an opportunity for picture taking. 

Hubby was kind enough to take some belly shots for me last week! He's getting much better at using my camera!

Even though the wall is crumbly and dingy...that's what I love about it! I've been telling him for weeks I wanted to take some pictures there. 

Brownie points for anyone who can name where this wall is!!

Hubby didn't like the "haze" in this picture, but I think the sun flare is perfect!

I didn't take many belly pictures with Grayson, so I want to make sure I get these while I still can. 


  1. Beautiful photos. And I LOVE that crumbly wall. One of our friends is a photographer and I have fallen in love with shots of his that use crumbly or grafittied walls as the backdrop.
    You look fabulous. Totally rocking that pregnant look. :)

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