Saturday, October 13, 2012

Clemson vs GA Tech

The Clemson vs GA Tech game always makes me nervous. You never ever know how this game is going to go. Fortunately for us this year....we pulled out a WIN! It was a great day for football.

But of course, our day of football starts long before kickoff...


Gray gets a little restless having to stay at the Nana always takes her for a walk. 

Me and my SIS!! (Not really, but I claim her). It looks like baby definitely wanted to show in this picture too!

 With Hubby, and the sea of tailgates in the background.
 One day....ONE day I will get a good family shot. 

Nana and Papa (aka....Mama and Deddy). I do love these two. 
And bless 'em for putting up with us crazy kids.

Only a few more tailgates to go before the end of the season! Is it weird that I time/schedule my entire fall from August to December around football? I didn't think so either.

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