Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tigers Football: Clemson vs Furman

Another home game, and another WIN for my Tigers. They played Furman this weekend in an upstate South Carolina show down. Hubby was able to pull a few strings and get off work early for this one...and Kaileigh wasn't sick this time! It's nice to have the whole family together.

(It's absolutely terrifying how much Hubby and Deddy look alike. Yes...I married my dad. I guess the saying is true...)

My wonderful neighbor from across the street saw me taking pictures of Gray in the front yard, and ran over to take some of the both of us. She takes beautiful pictures so we were blessed to have her over!

I very rarely make it into any pictures anymore....always behind the camera.

This shot melts my heart. All babies should be this happy.

Go Go Tigers!!! That's all she said all morning. She told me about going to the game, and riding in her stroller, and touchdowns....and on and on.

Adam and Kaileigh at the tailgate....

One more shot of the family. They're keepers.

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