Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer Moss Wreath {Tutorial}

We needed a summer wreath. Nothing to flowery or overdone. I wanted simple, plain.

A moss-wreath is was!

(I have since been told by Hubby that he doesn't like this wreath. It's too plain. Ugh. Time for a Hobby Lobby trip!)


I got a little bit of a headache while putting it together. Even though it's simple, here's a quick how-to with a very useful tip on moss cutting.


Foam wreath form
packaged dry moss
hot glue gun
letter for embellishment

(I ended up not using the jute twine)


Here's a super-helpful tip when covering a wreath with moss...

Cut a trapezoid!!
Meaning, make one side shorter than the other when cutting your strips.

The inside diameter of your wreath is smaller than the outside, so this gives you less bunching and more coverage, with LESS cutting.


I used little dots of hot glue to hold the moss to the wreath form. It's pretty messy when cutting and placing, so do it in your kitchen or on an easy-to-clean surface. You can press the moss in and see where you need to add little pieces for filler.


Add a pretty ribbon through the wreath and hang as is for a natural, pretty summer wreath!


That texture is just gorgeous.


I decided to add a monogram to our wreath to give it a little color. Our house is yellow, so I painted the letter, added some floral wire to the back, and attached it to the wreath. This makes it less permanent so I can add other things next year.

 Warning....crappy cell phone pictures ahead.

I still love how it makes our door look, adding just enough decoration.
I had a little spy while taking pictures. She wasn't too happy that I was outside and SHE wasn't.

*Happy Crafting*

You can find other wreath ideas and tutorials HERE, HERE, HERE.


  1. I love it so much! I want to make one just like it. Thank you for sharing it. Come see what I shared today? http://www.arosiesweethome.com/2012/09/the-no-headband-headband.html
    Have a great day,

  2. Thanks for stopping by for our Pretty Things Party. Hope to see you again next week!


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