Thursday, September 27, 2012

Glitter Shoes... Craft Fail?

While reading through one of my favorite blogs, I found This project over at Sweet Verbena. She took some boring, plain flats and made them fabulous. While I don't have too many places to wear fabulous shoes (I wear Crocs to work....) I DID have an old pair of flats that could use some revamping. I decided to try out this new "Glitter Shoe" project!

Here is my end result. They're pretty. They're sparkly....but that's not how they were supposed to turn out.


This is how they started. Kind of a weird goldish-greyish color. They've been in my closet for a couple of years now, unworn. I decided they needed to be ORANGE for gameday shoes!!

I whipped out my Mod Podge and bought some orange, super-fine glitter to make my shoes orange and sparkly.

I followed the directions, mixing the Mod Podge and glitter, and painted my shoes in several coats of the glittery goo. 

And this is what I got. This is NOT orange. Sure... in sunlight they "appear" orange, for a second. They're mostly a goldish, greenish, orange-ish color. While pretty, it's definitely not the "Go Tigers" shoes I had in mind.

Either way, I wore them with my purple dress on game day, and while they didn't scream ORANGE, they did match and looked pretty cute.

 Color fail aside, at least I DO have a pair of shiny, glitter shoes. Gray loves them, because they sparkle, and match her "party shoes" as she likes to call them. 

I have learned my lesson about glitter. Even the slightest bit of iridescence will completely change your intended color. 
Lesson Learned.


  1. What a groovy idea! Something I learned with glitter and glue (in the classroom) is that glue can sometimes change the way the colours reflect the light. I like the idea - I wonder would it have looked more orange if you had put the glue on, sprinkled it all over with glitter, then spray glued it?

  2. I JUST did this this week. I haven't posted it yet, but when I do, I'll stop by with the link. I have 4 or 5 pair of black flats, so I grabbed one and a bottle of Folkart Extreme Glitter paint in Turquois. I LOVE them! Sorry you didn't get the orange you were looking for, but they are still super adorable.

  3. Try painting them first and then do the glitter. They are adorable though!!!


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