Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's Football Time!!

It's my favorite time of year again! Time for college football! Specifically...time to watch my Clemson Tigers play ball. Don't get me wrong though...if it's a college game, I will watch it. I may not like either team, I may not even know where some of them are from, but I will watch it.

My favorite fall activity is heading to Death Valley to see the sea of orange and purple. Clemson got a fancy new screen this year, which is a big improvement over the old one. I can see this thing from across the field like I'm watching the TV in my living room.


After an exciting season opener in Atlanta, beating Auburn, we had our first home game versus Ball State. It was a little bit of a blow out, but fun to watch. Except....for the HEAT. I have never felt so close to melting in my life. No amount of snow cones or frozen water bottles were going to help the heat last Saturday afternoon.


Prepping for tailgating is always fun as we pack up the chairs, tent, and tables and coolers. Grayson rarely likes to leave her Papa's side if he's anywhere around.


She perked up long enough for us to get some gorgeous pictures. She's ready to cheer for her Tigers!

048 wm

Oh....that face. I would give that face anything in the world.


Mama and Adam were cozy at the tailgate. We were missing our "Married-Ins" this time around. One was sick, and the other was working. Hopefully next time they can join us.


No football game day is complete without at least one trip to Chick-fil-a. This was breakfast!
Gray of course has her monogrammed Clemson cup to too.


Dancing to the band and cheering "Go Go Tigers". So precious.


This weekend we play Furman in an afternoon game. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and give us a little bit of a cooldown!


  1. Looks like fun! Love football season. :)

  2. Hey Jenilyn, congrats on the little boy that is coming into your family! And, well, I just gotta "rag" on you a little bit {in good spirit of course}... "Go Dawgs!" We're UGA fans ;) but you sure do have a cute little tiger ;)

  3. Sweet!!! Mine have been going to Clemson games since they were that small too!!! She is adorable!!! GO TIGERS!!!


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