Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where have I been???

Everywhere but home...that's where I've been! Sorry I've been so absent lately. The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of crazy, and has left little time for me to sit at the computer and write.

We are doing a semi-major renovation at the house and it's consuming most of our days! Between buying supplies, cleaning, keeping baby girl out of the way, and all the other running around of life, it feels like we haven't really been home.

And with me working 3rd, and needing SOME sleep, I've been crashing at my parent's house to get some good sleep.

Like a genius....someone didn't take any before pictures. Poor Hubby, he tried for me at least when I remembered at the last minute. But I left the camera card out of the camera. So imagine this used to be a screened in porch.

We never used the porch because it wasn't sealed well, so it was full of leaves, pollen, bugs, and yuck. We decided to get more usable space, it was time to close it in. We are creating....

The Grown-Up Lounge
 No toys allowed

It will be a nice sized room, with room for my sewing machine, our computer, and a couch and TV set up. Perfect for quiet relaxation with no risk of waking a perfectly sleeping baby.

This, crafty friends, will be my sewing corner! Right now my sewing machine is in the back corner of a dark, poorly lit bedroom. Now I have windows. Natural light! AHHHHHH!

And because one room isn't crazy enough, we're redoing the bathroom too. It's at the OTHER end of our bedroom, so we're squeezed in the middle.

New tile, vanity and toilet are coming our way.

Green?? Floral wallpaper??? Ewwwww. It's time for some paint.

No more blue peel-and-stick tile.
I love this tile and can't wait for it to be finished.

We still have a long way to go after the builder leaves. Lots of painting, reorganizing, and getting the rooms back to normal is in the plans for us.

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