Saturday, June 30, 2012


Last week was my most favoritest cousin's 25th birthday!

 Not only did we get to celebrate him, but we got to spend some good times with friends and family at a surprise cookout in his honor.

Alan and "Uncle Butch" (AKA-Deddy) are quite the pair.

There was lots of grilling to be done to feed everyone.

In the midst of the College World Series....we had to have a little bit of anti-USC sentiment.

"Paddle Faster....I hear Gamecocks!"

I think our food was trying to tell us something....

No summer party is complete without a friendly game of cornhole.

Gray thinks this is a perfect game for her. She likes to use the boards as a runway to throw the beanbags in!

Once the game was in full swing...she had to watch from the sidelines.

It was a great party with good food and family.
The next birthday will be MY baby girl's!!
 I'm in full-on denial that she'll be 2.

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