Sunday, November 20, 2011

No More Home Games

We've got no more home games in Death Valley this year. My Tigers did us all very proud, with a perfect record at home. They've had a few issues here lately, and the record has gone to 9-2, but that's still a great season!

We've got Carolina coming up next week which is always a BIG game...then the ACC championship! I'm glad we made it in early, because that takes a lot of pressure of the rest of the season. We'll hope for a win at the championship then see where we go "bowling."

Gray has spent the whole season shouting "Go Go Go" everytime she sees something football related. I think she's saying her Tigers are #1!

She wasn't excited for our family picture

With Nana!

We missed Adam, but he was sick, so it was best he wasn't there!

Aunt Kaileigh loves chasing Gray around.

Too. Much. Excitement.

Going to the Championship!! (We're not field rushers...but I like to watch.)

Giving her thumbs-up of approval for the Tigers...even in her sleep!

Bless her heart. Kissing the angel.

I can't resist that face.

We'll be sitting in front of the TV all weekend to see how the games play out. Good luck to everybody's team (except Carolina....sorry)! I'll pull for ya'll when you aren't playing my Tigers!!

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