Friday, November 4, 2011

Crafty To-Do List

Where has the fall season gone??? I know it's only November, and we have a few weeks left, but it seems like I just put my pumpkins outside and threw the fall wreath on the door!

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, so I'm totally against Christmas decorating before Thanksgiving...but in a crafty world, you have to put things together BEFORE you can put them out. So I'm making myself a to-do list so I can have everything ready for Christmas decorating.

I'm guess posting for a few other crafty Mamas this season, which just means I have more motivation to get my decorations done on time! I'm making some "Natural Goodness" Christmas ornaments for The Crafty Nest, Christmas Carol Art for Johnny in a Dress, and a super-funky wreath for Sugar Bee Crafts.

I'm also going to be making some Christmas coasters for myself and for gifts using THIS tutorial. I hope you'll join me for the holiday crafting season and check out these great blogs as they compile TONS of great projects for you to enjoy!

*I may even be able to squeeze in a Thanksgiving craft or two this season...we'll see*

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