Monday, March 17, 2014

Organize a Gift Wrap Station

Have you ever been invited to a party at the last minute (or remembered to buy a gift at the last minute...whoops!) or needed to throw a gift together quickly, only to not have or not be able to find your wrapping supplies?? You need a gift wrap station!!

I've seen people hide them in trunks, or inside closet doors, and those are great options too! But I need to be able to drag mine around sometimes to avoid wrapping near the kids. This one is more portable, and still super organized!


Get yourself one of these! Mine is by Rubbermaid, but you can find these at craft and home improvement stores in the storage section. It holds LOTS of wrapping paper, and keeps everything nice and tidy in the back of the closet.


Where to put all of the "things" you need to wrap and make gifts pretty??

Enter...the wrapping station.

This is just a bin with see through drawers. They come in lots of sizes, and drawer amounts to fit your needs.

The most important step in keeping things organized....


And because I love my readers, I'm working on making these labels in LOTS of colors for YOU to use on your own wrapping stations. They'll be available for download soon.

The labels in LOTS of colors are available HERE for download.

I have a drawer just for tulle and curling ribbon. I like to wrap gifts with tulle these days, because it's pretty, and my cat eats the curling ribbon. It's not pretty when that happens.

Another drawer is dedicated to gift bags. I keep a few gender and occassion-neutral bags in my wrapping station so I always have a go-to bag when I need it! Solid colors are great for this. You can dress them up with ribbons and tulle to make them manly or girly.

One good investment to make if you're creating a wrapping station is to have a large stash of tissue paper.
Go to your favorite party store and pick up one of every color that you see (or would normally use). There's nothing more irritating than getting ready to wrap a gift only to find out you are out of the one color tissue you need! Having a good stash will be of benefit to you.

There are hundreds of ways to organize your gift wrap as well as lots of places to put it in your house. The best place is for it to be out of sight, but still accessible so that gift wrapping isn't a chore! After all, it's supposed to be joyful to give a good gift!


  1. LOVE IT! I love pretty presents - and the gender/occasion neutral bags is a great idea. :)

  2. You are a very creative young woman and I was wondering if you could design/create a superhero classroom decoration theme for me. I really need something for my walls outside my classroom and an idea for superhero bulletin border for my room next year. Thank you.

    1. Thanks "Dee". You should check pinterest for your bulletin board inspiration.


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