Thursday, March 13, 2014

15 Beautiful DIY Spring Wreaths

 Even though the weather around here can't make up it's mind as to whether it will be warm or snowing... I decided I needed a little "Spring Wreath" inspiration. I thought you might like some too, so I rounded up 15 beautiful DIY wreaths perfect for Spring.

You may remember my Robin's Egg wreath from a couple of years ago. Some of these other wreaths are made of some fun and surprising materials too!

I can't believe it's almost time for spring. It's almost time for flowers and LONG days of playing outside with the babies! Can't wait.


  1. totally making the garden hose one for mom for mothers day! i have already pinned it!! :)

    1. That one makes me happy! So simple and cute.

  2. What a great collection! I love them all :-) Checking this out from craft 0 maniac monday and loving it!


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