Monday, September 16, 2013

The Game Day Skirt

Once I saw that Hobby Lobby had stocked some brand spanking new ORANGE chevron, I of course, bought a lot. I needed a skirt, Gray needed a dress, her baby cousin needed a dress, and so on. I may have stashed some too! You can't live this close to Clemson and not have a good stash of orange fabric.
Football games are notoriously hot. It can be 50 degrees the week before, but somehow, on game day, it will be 90 degrees and sunny. I needed something a little nicer than my usual shorts and t-shirts. I wanted to class it up a bit, but still be really comfortable. A nice skirt was in order!
It came together in a snap. It's lined, has a hidden side-zip, and a BIG bow to tie it all together. And it's a nice, conservative length, so no oopsies going up the steps in the stadium.

Some of my tiger-loving friends must have liked it too, because I've got a few orders lined up already! Yay!

It received a test drive at the first game of the season versus Georgia. Quite an exciting game!!The girls were decked out in their chevron, while the boys just sported their tiger paws.
Gray loved that we matched! Her dress was made using the Zoey Bow Dress pattern.
Now...what to do with the rest of my stash of orange chevron....

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  1. Great Job! Not sure what you should do with your stash - but I'm pretty sure you'll come up with something soon. Rug to sit on maybe? What ever you do, it'll probably be fun! :)


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